Don’t Feel Guilty About Using Professional Caregivers

One would automatically assume that bringing in professional help to take care of your loved ones is by default an act of kindness and love. Yet some people see it as abdicating their responsibility and feel guilty that they can’t provide the day-to-day care that they need. After all they brought you up and nurtured you.

If you fall into this category, here are some tips to help you reassess your emotions:

  • You are not responsible for your parents’ illness or frailty
  • Neglecting your own family is not an option
  • You need time to cope with your own challenges
  • Home care is infinitely preferable to a nursing home
  • You can be assured that your parents are safe and comfortable
  • Your parents will have their dignity intact
  • Your parents will not suffer from poor nutrition
  • Medication will be taken on time
  • Pressure sores will not develop and wounds will be treated properly
  • Grooming and personal hygiene will not be neglected
  • With one-on-one care you know that their every need will be covered without delay, not as usually happens in a nursing home with high staff to patient ratios
  • Your visits with your parents will not be all about caregiving, allowing you quality time with them

So, in the greater scheme of things, getting a professional caregiver to look after your parents is truly an act of love.

Anna-Marie Mortimer (RN) BA Nursing Science

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